Homelessness Services

NCVAC’s main goal is to assist veterans who are homeless find safe, secure, and permanent housing. In addition to the services specifically provided by NCVAC, the following resources are also available for homeless individuals to utilize during their search for housing.

Resources offering homeless resources:

  • The NC Center for Economic Empowerment and Development offers programs to help individuals transition from homeless to home owners.  Orientation sessions are conducted on the second Thursday of every month form 5:45PM-7:00PM. Pre-registration is required.  CEED also provides programs for displaced homemakers and women entrepreneurs.  www.ncceed.org
  • The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency can help individuals obtain low interest mortgage and down payment assistance for individuals or families looking to buy a home.  Additionally, the NCHFA provides low interest loans to non-profit organizations and private companies looking to build low income houses or apartments.  The NCHFA provides a listing of the apartments or homes financed by these loans for individuals looking for affordable housing. This listing, and other information, can be found at: www.nchfa.com.
  • The North Carolina Housing Search is a free listing of affordable housing in North Carolina.  Users can search for housing by location.  Information regarding monthly pricing and contact information is available. www.nchousingsearch.org 
  • The City of Fayetteville also offers options for homeless individuals.  A homeless project officer is employed in Fayetteville and will assist the homeless with blankets, toiletries, and bus passes.  The City also has homeless shelter provider programs which will assist clients with out-of-pocket expenses related to shelter, including gas, electricity and water. To contact this officer or inquire about the homeless shelter provider programs, call 910-433-1935.

Home Improvements

  • The North Carolina Weatherization Assistance Program helps make homes more energy efficient and safe.  Funding is available for individuals to have their homes or rental homes weatherized, which saves energy and reduces utility bills. For information about eligibility call (919) 733-2230 or toll-free at (800) 662-7131, or visit http://www.energync.net/about-us/weatherization-office

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