Healthcare Services

People who are unable to find permanent housing are often also unable to obtain access to necessary medical prescriptions and care. The following programs and agencies can help veterans gain access to these life saving prescriptions, treatments and care. More information about these resources, and the services they provide, can be found on the websites below or by contacting a specific agency.

Resources offering healthcare services:

  • Better Health of Cumberland County provides a variety of medical and healthcare services to individuals in need.  Their emergency assistance programs can help individuals obtain required medications, prosthetics, emergency eye and dental exams, and other medical equipment or supplies.  Better Health also provides many different services to individuals suffering from diabetes or those who just want to learn how to eat better and exercise correctly.  Finally, Better Health offers free medical equipment loans for items such as wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom aids, etc.

Prescription Assistance Medication costs add up quickly, especially when multiple medications are needed to control or treat conditions or disabilities.  While many of these prescriptions may seem unaffordable to people on limited budgets, North Carolina and Cumberland County have both established programs to help residents obtain prescription drug cards to reduce the out-of-pocket cost of medication.  These cards are not insurance; however they can be used at 90% of pharmacies across the state to reduce the costs of medications by up to 75%.  For information about these cards, and how to obtain them, please contact the links below.

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