Vision & Mission Statement

The North Carolina Veteran’s Assistance Council, a non-profit organization, was established in July, 2009, for the soul purpose of researching ways and means to end veteran homelessness once and for all.

The effects of war are felt long after a soldier has left the battlefiled.  Plagued by wounds and traumatic memories, an unexpected amount of veterans, soon after returning home, as do many others who have not been deployed, sometimes succumb to personal demons, stumbling into self-destructive behaviors, turning to drugs and/or alcohol as an escape or self-medication, or for other reasons find themselves without any personal support system, in some cases becoming homeless, incarcerated, or committing suicide.

The North Carolina Veteran’s Assistance Council (NCVAC) seeks to provide to these afflicted people avenues by which they can regain sobriety, a sense of dignity, self-worth, self-sufficiency, and, most importantly, confident hope for a better future as productive citizens of their community, with special attention to those whose felonies further lessen their chances to progress.

NCVAC is a community-based, 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization who intends to provide professional guidance to all veterans in reaching the most positive ends possible, through research, employment, micro-loans, and any other method which proves to result in ending veteran homelessness.

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